1. Pavlov's Dog

From the recording PAVLOV'S DOG

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A fan fave at our live shows. We sure had fun writing this one.


Well the hours keep on draggin' till I hear her station wagon
And she's walkin' through the front door and my tail starts a wagin
Sometimes she is the master, sometimes I am her pet
But I know a reward's comin', just like Pavlov said
She's got me trained
Got me reined in
I'm on a string
But it ain't no big thing
She's got me salivating, anticipating
When she gets home
I get a bone

Now when I am a good boy, she lets me in her lap
Runs her fingers through my hair and knows just where to scratch
She gives me little treats and I do tricks that make her smile
We got it made
Doggie style


Now sometimes I stray
A dog has got to run
But when she calls my name
I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna come

Now I know it seems one sided and I might be puppy whipped
But I tell you right now brother that it comes with benefits
Now Pavlov had his theory, but it ain't always true
Sometimes you walk the dog, sometimes it's walkin' you