What is "The Big Give Show"??

Crazy Love is often asked, "What is The Big Give Show"??  Heather Platts and Bruce Micheal Miller have created a musical event that uses original songs and stories to chronicle their experience as kidney donor and recipient. Interwoven with the six original songs from the album, "The Big Give",  are their touching and often hilarious personal tales surrounding the creation of the songs.  From deeply felt gratitude, to the medical professionals, to the random generosity of strangers and issues of our own mortality, The Big Give Show, at its heart, is about being human. 

Songs from "The Big Give"

So many people are a part of "The Big Give" story...

This is Teresa, a donor coordinator at University of Utah Hospital. She was my parter and advocate from day one. This picture was taken on June, 19th 2019, the day I was to be approved as a donor for Bruce!

A framed picture on the wall at the entrance of the Kidney unit at University of Utah Medical Center in Salt Lake City.

Bruce with Ray, 2019 in Saratoga Wyoming

Ray is an important chapter in our Big Give story! He was a ray of hope at a difficult time for Bruce...and the inspiration for the song, "Ray of Hope"!

Bruce & Heather celebrating the 2 year "Kidneyversary" of their successful kidney transplant surgery! Heather and Bruce continue to write, perform, and share their story to raise awareness for kidney disease and organ donation.