1. As Is

From the recording As Is

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As Is
I love you just As Is
The need to understand it
Stop searching
You won't find
The wherefores or the whys
It's so rare
It's so fine
I love you just As Is

As Is
I want you just As Is
And your kiss
Will never be for granted
With your lips on my cheek
In your arms long and deep
Either one leaves me weak
As Is

And the only time that it hurst
Is when I step back trying to make sense of the feeling
But we only get the love we think that we deserve
And I deserve you
Damned if I do

As Is
I'll take you just As Is
Just picking up the pieces
With your ring to stay true
Or a one night rendezvous
Either way, I'm with you
As Is

Won't you stay with me too
As Is